the nourishing
inner circle

a lifestyle of nourishment.
>>> for your body + mind + heart + soul.

a nourishing container including:
weekly movement classes (Qoya),
✔ a monthly theme to hold you,
weekly journaling prompts,
✔ 2x monthly women circles,
✔ a community of women,
✔ nourishment reminders,

and so much more!

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i felt like i was drowning.

My marriage wasn’t going well. I had just recently become a mother and I was sleep-deprived and exhausted. I was feeling the financial burden of being the sole provider of the family and the emotional burden of working in a field that I was good at but that didn’t feel aligned with anymore.

I felt like I was drowning.

And to top it all, I had started bingeing on food (again) to the point of feeling sick, subconsciously trying to numb the heavy emotions or perhaps even punish myself. I had already spent 2 decades of my life struggling with an eating disorder and hating my body. I thought I was finally getting a handle on my recovery but apparently I was failing there, too.

I didn’t like my body.
I didn't like who I was.
I didn’t want to be who I was.
In fact, I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

I didn’t know what I wanted or even needed.
I just knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

everything looked
perfect on the outside.

There I was. A health professional with many credentials. A triple author of health & nutrition books. Owning my own business. A podcast co-host. Having traveled to 25 countries. Pretending to have it all and posting pictures of my little family as if I was living the dream.

Everything looked so good on the outside.

But the truth is that I felt completely empty,
alone, depleted, and so lost on the inside.

The one thing I knew is that
I couldn’t keep going this way.

Somehow I could feel my intuition telling me that I needed to find myself again. That I needed to be with myself. That, as cliché as it may sound, I had the answer within. And at the same time, my mind was screaming "NO, YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T! You're going to be stuck here forever. What is wrong with you? EVERYTHING is wrong with you."

At that point, I had read so many self-help books, tried many different programs, worked with a therapist and life coaches, in addition to having tried a ton of different supplements, diets, and other strategies to get my food, eating & body under control. I really did feel like there was something wrong with me.

Still, the whispers of my intuition were there and they were my only hope at that point.

But to be honest, going within was the very last thing I wanted to do. First of all, I didn't even know how... and also, it felt like there were so many more pressing things to do to keep everything together in the day to day.

the whispers of
my soul got louder.

That's when I found the next step.
Or maybe it found me?

During one of my endless hours of research to try to find something that would help me (I was hoping it could be a supplement, an online course, or perhaps some type of meditation...!), I saw this ad for this local afternoon retreat with some yoga, meditation, and journaling. I realized I had not spent time away from my son to do something just for me in soooo long. Since he was born actually.

Something told me to go. So I went. Although I spent most of the time worrying about my son and went back home before the end of the afternoon retreat because it felt so uncomfortable to take all of this time just for me, this was the beginning.

I kept following the whispers telling me to take more time for myself. To see how I could put the pieces of myself back together.

In the tiniest way possible,
I practiced finding ways to:

feel what I needed to feel,
move in a way that helped me
feel more home in my body, and
connect with nature where
I could hear the whispers more clearly.

Without knowing it, that's when I decided to start living a lifestyle of nourishment.

i forgot and
i remembered
1,000 times.

There were many bumps on the road.

I felt excited about all the tools & practices out there but then felt overwhelmed and decided to quit it all because it was just too much for me. I felt guilty for taking time for myself in a world that glorifies business and productivity.

I also felt alone because I didn't know many people ready to live in a different way in a world that made it all so difficult.

And no matter how much I was learning about the feminine energy, it often felt impossible to apply these principles in real life...

But regardless of how many times I forgot and how far astray I went, I would eventually remember.

And then, with practice, it became
easier to
remember to remember.

Coming back to this lifestyle of nourishment over and over again. A thousand times. The good thing about forgetting is that we get to remember.

What made the biggest difference for me is finding the practices that were the most nourishing to me + the containers that allowed me to feel held AND free at the same time.

I wouldn't know how to live
without these practices and
the containers to hold me.

Embodied & intuitive movement practices like Qoya nourish my body + mind + heart + soul, as do women circles, guided personal reflections, and reminders to remember to remember!

this is why I'm here.
and this is why you're reading these words.

this is why
the nourishing inner circle
was born.

As a registered dietitian, triple author, coach, certified Qoya teacher, certified self-love guide, sacred circle holder, energy healer, moon lover, daughter of Gaia, mother, and woman in the world, the whispers of my soul have now guided me to gather women ready for a lifestyle of nourishment.

After now being recovered from my 2-decade-long eating disorder (binge eating disorder) and feeling free & home in my body, in addition to having created a life that looks like me, which includes my fulfilling sacred work, my partner, a man who is emotionally available and able to see the whOle me, harmony between my different roles so that I can parent from a nourished place, and a lifestyle of nourishment that guide me to live from soul, I know there's a reason my path took me to all of these places.

And this is why I've created the nourishing inner circle, a container for a lifestyle of nourishment that includes weekly movement practices like Qoya, women circles, guided journaling prompts, reminders to remember to remember, and so much more.

I choose nourishment because I can no longer not.
In my body + mind + heart + soul.

It's about food. It's about moving our body. It's about feeling as healthy as we can be.

And it's also about
so much more than that.

I choose nourishment because I can no longer not.

And so can you.

i choose nourishment
because i can no longer not.

It's time to be the change
we want to see in the world.

do you want a more nourishing world?
do you want a lifestyle of nourishment?
for yourself and the little girls looking up to us?

I strongly believe that practicing and embodying nourishment is the way to create a more nourishing world for ourselves, for those around us, for the little girls looking up to us, and for future generations.

Find the practices and containers that are the most nourishing to you. And if you feel your soul whispering "this might be it" right now, please trust and follow your own inner guidance.

It knows the way.

The Nourishing Inner Circle.

The Nourishing Inner Circle is a space that provides a nourishing container & the nourishing practices your body + mind + heart + soul crave to feel nourished in a way that you had forgotten could be possible.

~ a lifestyle of nourishment.~
at ALL levels: body + mind + heart + soul.

Here are some of the benefits the nourishing inner circle can bring into your life:

~ body ~
{physical health}

  • increased energy, flexibility, and strength
  • feeling more connected to & more home in your body
  • improved sleep!
  • more attuned to your body's signals, i.e. hunger & satiety
  • eating in a way that better honors & respects your body and Mother Earth
  • feeling more vital & more alive in your body!

~ mind ~
{mental health}

  • feeling more grounded & centered in your days
  • better ability to stay present & be mindful in the moment
  • opportunity to gently practice some shadow work
  • for those who enjoy reading, the Inner Circle includes a book club with like-hearted women to learn deepen your readings

~ heart ~
{emotional health}

  • not feeling so alone and feeling connected to other women choosing a lifestyle of nourishment
  • cultivating and harmonizing your feminine energy
  • more confidence feeling what needs to be felt to learn what your emotions want to teach you
  • expanded capacity to feel more of the feelings you want to feel more of in your life!

~ soul ~
{spiritual health}

  • stronger intuition and trust in yourself & your intuition
  • improved ability to hear & feel the whispers of your soul AND follow them!
  • more alignment & integration between all parts of you: body + mind + heart + soul
  • practicing living from a deeper place, living from soul

What women
in the Nourishing
Inner Circle have said!

"The Nourishing Inner Circle is such an incredible space - and my favourite time of the week and month.

The Inner Circle is a place for self-discovery & support - to learn and to share. It's a place where I can be unapologetically myself (remove the mask, so to speak) - and connect more deeply with my intuition.

I wish I had better words to describe how meaningful this has been to me!

I definitely recommend joining!"

- Amanda

"The Nourishing Inner Circle gave me a space to share with other like-minded women and to grow.

Aglaée's guidance helped me reconnect with myself and feel nourished."

- Val

"I connected with SELF in a way I hadn't before.

I feel more in tune with realizing how much I have not acknowledged myself all my life and how it is time for a change & how POWERFUL it is to connect with EVERY PART OF SELF!"

- From a beautiful soul who deserves more of that connection with Self!

"I have tried many programs with curriculums that imply that I am proceeding through a learning process and I will have completed a transition at the end. And I have found this just isn’t how I best experience incremental changes in self care, self growth.

I’m learning that this human journey is an inside job, not about fixing or improving, and that small progressions are supported by being coached and reminded and seen in the way AJ does.

Plus there is a menu of things to select from, because there is not a one size fits all approach, no one “right” way."

~ From a wise woman who wishes to remain anonymous

do you remember
this feeling?

nourishment is that feeling when you take a deeeeeep breath... and feel a sense of calm & inner peace.

nourishment is that feeling when you used to go to your grandmother’s house, open the door, and smell all of the delicious foods she’s cooking for you... and you feel so taken care of.

nourishment is that feeling when you’re in the shower and receive an insight or an amazing idea... and you feel so much clarity & inspiration.

nourishment is that feeling when you have tea (or coffee or wine!) with a friend and talk about life... and remember that you’re not alone and that you’re stronger together.

nourishment is that feeling when you dance alone in your living room in a way that makes you feel free in your body... and you start feeling a little bit more like yourself.

nourishment is that feeling when you eat foods that make you feel satisfied and so good in your body... that you feel this deep gratitude just for being alive today.

nourishment is that feeling when you go to Mother Earth and connect to nature... and suddenly have this deep knowing that everything’s going to be okay.

are you ready for more
nourishment in your life?

a space to
& practice
at all levels
{body + mind + heart + soul}

What is included?

the nourishing inner circle is not something more to add to your to-do list, it's something that adds to your life and helps you feel more supported, sustained, and truly nourished.

Offering #1

> Weekly Qoya Classes
& Movement Practices
Qoya is movement with meaning.

Qoya is founded on this idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence as women. We remember, that we are wise, wild, & free.

Wise, wild, & free also draw reference from the 3 forms of movement we practice during a Qoya class. Wise from yoga & meditation. Wild from the creative expression of dance. And free from pleasure-based movements.

Qoya is about moving your body in a way that feels good & nourishing to your body. It's also an embodiment practice and a very poweful way to (re-)connect with your own inner wisdom & intuition.

You will receive a weekly class in addition to a weekly movement ritual / practice. Each class has a duration of about 75 minutes and is appropriate for ALL bodies. There are no levels in Qoya and there is no way you can do it wrong. You have the option of taking the class live or watching the recording. All recorded classes will remain available in a library for you to re-take anytime you want.

a value of $108+!
($22 each class + bonus movement ritual!)

Offering #2

> New Moon & Full Moon Circles

The Inner Circle holds circles around the New Moon and the Full Moon of each month, woven around the theme of the month. This is a safe time & space where we gather together around the virtual campfire to be women together.

These circles are a bit like group calls but more nourishing. We meet from all corners of the world to share stories, to reflect & talk about the real things, and to remember what truly matters to us. All while having fun, too!

The circles are recorded and available on the teachable platform for the times you can't make it live.

a value of $44+!

Offering #3

> A Nourishing Community

So many women feel alone and have this deep craving for true heart-to-heart connection. This is the type of community that the Nourishing Inner Circle provides.

In addition to the monthly circles, aka nourishing group calls, you will be part of an active & inspiring community of real, heart-liked women just like you walking on this path of learning how to live in a way that matches who they truly are.

It's also in the nourishing community that you'll find weekly inspiration for nourishment!

a priceless value!

Offering #4

> Weekly Journaling Prompts

In a world where there is so much information, it's easy to forget that we have all of the answers within.

You don't need more information. You know. You just have to remember. And remember how to remember. This is what the weekly journaling prompts are about.

The Inner Circle gives you bonus weekly journaling prompts, aligned with the theme of the month, to create the spaciousness of 5-30 minutes a week to connect with yourself & listen to the whispers of your soul.

a value of $88+!

Offering #5

> Nourishment Reminders

Sometimes we all need a little reminders to remember to drink a bit more water / tea, to sloooow down and take the time to rest, to move our body in any way that feels good today, to eat foods that help our body feel more alive, to connect with someone you love, to stop the scroll to take a deep breath, and to go to bed at a time that will allow us to feel more refreshed.

The Nourishing Inner Circle includes a few short & simple weekly nourishment reminders to help you bring more nourishment in your life!

a value of $88+!

Offering #6

> Nourishing Book Club

For those who love to read (or needing some accountability / motivation / inspiration to remember to read), the Nourishing Book Club is one way to join together to read the same chapters of a book at the same time and deepen the reading experience by sharing our insights & thoughts.

It's easy to read and keep reading without slowing down to fully extract the wisdom from what we're reading. That's why most of us forget most of what we read within a few days...

The Nourishing Book Club part of the Nourishing Inner Circle is totally optional but it gives you the spaciousness to more fully digest & absorb the wisdom bites we'll be collecting from the books we read together.

a value of $44+!

the nourishing inner circle
offers a total value of $372+
... every single month!

Wow, sounds perfect!
... how much is it?

You can join the Nourishing Inner Circle for $44.44 USD per month and you are free to cancel anytime if it is no longer nourishing to you.

all the nourishment
for $44.44

* and you are free to cancel anytime

Why $44.44? Four is the number of stability. Think of a table or chair. They're much more stable with 4 legs. $44.44 was chosen with a lot of intention to make this inner circle as affordable as possible at only $1.46 a day (the price of a few coffees a week). And with four number four, the intention behind the number is that it provides a foundation of nourishment in your life so that you feel more grounded & supported as you move through your life.

Enter the Nourishing Inner Circle (and get one week for free!)

The Nourishing
Inner Circle Calendar

~ a container of nourishment

Here's an idea of what
the schedule looks like.
Please take note that everything is
recorded if you can't make it live.

Wait! There's more!

Did I mention there's also an $888 bonus included, for free, when you join the inner circle!?

The Big Bonus!

> Access to The Full Program:
Nourish Your Roots

Nourish Your Roots is a powerful & life-changing journey that you can walk at your own pace to learn how to feel more nourished than you ever thought possible in your body + mind + heart + soul.

The insights, tools, & practices from Nourish Your Roots will serve & benefit you for the rest of your life!

* Get access to the whole program Nourish Your Roots for free immediately when you join the Nourishing Inner Circle.

a value of $888!

Testimonials for the big
bonus: Nourish Your Roots.

Here's what other women have said about Nourish Your Roots:

"Nourish Your Roots provided me the safe space I needed to begin to untangle the inner conflict I was having in relation to my diet, self esteem, and so much more. Like many of us, I felt very lost and exhausted by trying to solve my mysterious symptoms that lingered for years... I joined this program not knowing what to expect, but I knew I would be transformed in some way. This was truly an amazing journey to go on. If you would like to learn how your intuition can lead you to the health you are desiring, then you will receive this and much more."
~ Kara F. (CA, USA)

"Aglaee is a very gifted and skilled healer. She has deep expertise in nutrition, and has combined that with other approaches that allow her clients to truly heal- spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. These are the key elements that allow for sustained healing and transformation. By combining nutrition with this deeper work, Aglaee is an unstoppable force and a gift to her clients. I am a health care provider myself, and I am always in awe of her capacity, creativity, and ability to empower her clients toward health." ~ Brett I (NY, US)

"Through this course, I am learning how to find simple pleasures that bring joy and discover what my true hopes and dreams are. I am so grateful that I have learned to put myself first and that how the path to nourishment is a choice. I choose to practice that each and every day and utilize the new tools in my toolbox from the last 16 weeks of this course. Thank you so much for teaching me how to put myself first again.” ~ Bridget Nigh (Banning, CA)

Nourish Your Roots is free for you when you join the Nourishing Inner Circle for $44.44!!!

The program Nourish Your Roots is worth $888 alone!!!

wait! so...
the nourishing inner circle

offers a value of $372+ every month
+ and an $888 bonus program

for only $44.44...?

yes, that's right!
a nourishing investment
for a lifestyle of nourishment!

It's time for nourishment.

Experience nourishment for one week for free!

Meet Aglaée.

[it's pronounced AH-GLA-AY or call me AJ]

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author is a registered dietitian, health coach, triple author of nutrition books, a certified self-love guide, a sacred circle holder, an energy healer, and a certified Qoya teacher.

Her biggest fear is to not live fully. Her spiritual journey has lead her to find many tools & spiritual practices that have empowered her to step more fully into who she truly is, year after year, so that she can live the full life she desires.

Aglaée is also the mom of a 6-yo boy and she lives in a small town called Magog in the province of Québec, Canada, right by the Vermont border. She loves love, the moon, practicing yoga, dancing, eating chocolate, being in nature, taking afternoon naps, and stepping more fully into her Self every single day.

All of your questions answered.

This is NOT just another thing on your to-do list.
This is a monthly mini-retreat experience!

Consider the Nourishing Inner Circle like a menu from which you can pick & choose what is most nourishing to you. The most valuable thing about the inner circle is the CHOICE & COMMITMENT to live your life differently. This is you saying YES, I deserve to feel truly nourished! And I am ready to live in a way that matches who I truly am.

When does it start?

The door of the Nourishing Inner Circle opens only 2-3 times a year.

Sign up for the waiting list to be notified when the doors open again.

Doors will then be closed for an undetermined period of time.

Once you're in, you immediately have access to all the content on the teachable platform. And you are free to cancel your subscription anytime.

Who is this NOT for?

This Nourishing Inner Circle if NOT for you if you feel okay with the fast & busy pace of life and prefer to stay in your comfort zone as it is.

The Inner Circle is also NOT for you if you prefer staying on that endless quest for the next diet or supplement or workout to fill the void without ever going deeper.

And the Inner Circle is definitely NOT for you if you think nourishment is just something "nice" to do but don't understand the importance of it being a lifestyle in today's world.

Who is this for?

This Nourishing Inner Circle is FOR YOU if you know that changing your food won't get you were you want to be without going beyond food & deeper within yourself.

The Inner Circle is also FOR YOU if you desire to feel more nourished from the inside out, so that you can be MORE of who you truly are in the world. For yourself, for those around you, and for the little girls looking up to us.

And finally, the Inner Circle is most definitely for you if you feel the whispers of your heart & soul saying yes! right now!

30-day guarantee

I've been helping people in the online space since 2010 and I am not going anywhere. I'm here to stay and my mission is really to empower women to step more fully into who they truly are by nourishing themselves at all levels: body + mind + heart + soul.

That being said, I don't want unhappy money and unhappy clients. If you aren't satisfied with the program The Nourishing Inner Circle, email me at within 30 days to request a refund. Provide a brief reason and no further questions will be asked.

~ Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author x3
Founder of the Nourishing Inner Circle

take a deep breath.

there's a reason
you're here.

listen to
the whispers
of your soul.

I choose a lifestyle of nourishment because I can no longer not.

Depleted, drained, and exhausted... this is not the life I choose to live anymore.
You also have the power to make that choice. Are you ready for MORE? Are you ready to feel more alive? Are you ready to feel more nourished at ALL levels
{body + mind + heart + soul}?

Are you ready to start living in a way that matches who you truly are?

A lifestyle of nourishment
is your birthright.

All you have to do is say yes to this lifestyle and find the containers & practices to support you. Listen to the whispers of your heart & soul right now and if you feel a yes, this is your sign that the nourishing inner circle is that next step for you. If that's you, I look forward to seeing you inside!

I'm in! Claim your free week!

* Note that you are not locked into any contract. This is a recurring monthly payment and that your subscription can be cancelled anytime. Simply send an email to and simply state that you want to cancel and you won't be billed again (no questions asked!)